Berit Vedelgart:

Qualified arts teacher. Bachelor of Arts, 2006: Pictorial Art. Started painting in 2000 after an inspiring 6 month stay at (name of place/school). Paintings have previously been on display in Hundige and Greve.

Sources of inspiration:

I have always been interested in the CoBra art form. Particularly, the choice of colours, imaginative symbols and shapes as well as the sort of childish expression typically found in the paintings have fascinated me. Shapes and figures in everyday life. Dreams.


Cotton canvases Primarily acrylic paint Oil-based paint Spray paint.

What I hope to achieve with my paintings:

I wish to create a sense of joyous cheer as well as setting the minds and fantasy of my spectators to work. My paintings should make whatever room they are in seem more lively. I hope you will find, or have found, a tour of my webpage inspirational and uplifting. Please, do not hesitate to contact me with any queries by using contact form on this page.